5 secrets to having the legs that you always dreamed

Summer arrives, the long jeans and skirts fly and the season of short clothes is inaugurated. It’s time to use that which is fresh and comfortable for us, the strong colors, the flowers and summer prints come back, and we love it!

But as a result of this season of the year may arise doubts about whether or not to show the legs. All women have insecurities, and although from iMujer we know that you are beautiful inside and out – no matter what your body is – we recommend some tips to get the legs that you always dreamed. Put them into practice!

Footwear, it matters!

Were you aware that the type of footwear you use affects the functioning of your legs? Prioritizing the use of comfortable shoes before tackles is essential because high shoes – in the long run – cause varicose veins to appear.

Blowjobs out!

They are very cute and make our legs look, but we have bad news: they are not good for our legs. Avoid tight pants because they also cause circulation problems.

Water is our ally

Why does NOT use water? We are having trouble finding an answer. In this case, apply cold water jets on your legs for 5 minutes to stimulate circulation and thus make your legs healthier and look better.

Wetting is key

One of the most important points is to moisturize the legs every day so that the skin looks healthy and alive. For best results, apply the cream from the bottom and as you go up, press down with both hands to drain the skin.

Exfoliation 100%

Try to exfoliate your legs at least once a week to open the pores and not form granites. We know it takes work, but it’s for your benefit. If you do not have a specific product, you can make a simple mixture with honey and sugar or water with salt, according to your preference.

Once you prepare it, apply it when you are in the shower: start at the ankles and end at the thighs. To do this, use your fingertips and circular movements so that the exfoliating cream penetrates the skin well to stimulate circulation.

Were you aware of all these tips that are going to make your legs beautiful and super healthy? What are you waiting for to put them into practice?

Julia Andersen

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