5 tips to be beautiful without makeup

Many times, women think that in order to be beautiful we need makeup and the more the better … and this is not so. Women have a beauty that by nature comes innate, you just have to know how to maximize it.

Make-up is not the only way to be beautiful; although it is true that it is fun and we like to use it to enhance all our features, it is not always necessary. A woman will be a thousand times more beautiful if she knows how to enhance her beauty in a natural way than if she does with tons of makeup … something that in the end, it will be too artificial.

If from now on you decide to use a more natural form of beauty, you will realize the amount of money and time you save, and it might be worth it. Today I want to give you some tips (and tests) so that you can be pretty without needing so much makeup. Attention!

Facial Cleansers

The first step to being nice is to cleanse your face, and one way to get it is to do it through facial cleansers, but you will have to do it with products that are gentle on your face, because those who are stronger can strip the cells of the face. skin and leave it dry and rough. So do not hesitate to use a facial cleanser that is as natural as possible.

Wash your face tomorrow and night

Some people just wash their faces when they shower or when they have to take off their makeup … error! Ideally, you wash your face in the morning and at night, so you will be helping your skin look more radiant naturally and what is better … you will be fighting against acne without the use of chemicals and harmful!

Eyebrow Care

When I say be careful with your eyebrows, I mean, do not wax too much. There are women who think that having a very thin eyebrows and with less hair is more beautiful … and it is not so.

Beautiful eyebrows will be well-shaped eyebrows, but they will have hair, because they would be quite rare.

No eyelash mask

You may find it hard to believe it right now, but the eyelash mask is totally dispensable if you have vaseline. To make your eyelashes shine, you can apply a little Vaseline (very little!) And they will be perfect.

Coconut oil

For your lips to stand out you will not need to paint or shine, with a little coconut oil as lip balm will be very sensual and also perfectly hydrated.

What do you think of these tips to be beautiful without using a drop of makeup? Do you like this style of natural beauty or do you prefer the make-up of a lifetime?

Julia Andersen

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