The 5 best facial brush 2018

If it is a question of doing a deep cleaning of the face, we need the best facial brush 2018; a team that with its technology will be able to remove any impurity from the face in the easiest way.

These devices can be manual or electrical, and although the former could be cheaper; nothing like pressing a button and letting the device do its job.

Exfoliating your face is a process that several specialists recommend doing weekly; You know, remove that dead skin or any kind of residue that a common cleaning does not remove.

The advantage of doing this process is to keep the face impeccable and bright, avoiding clogging of pores, appearance of spots or any sign of premature aging.

On the other hand, the epidermis and oxygenation of the skin will be used for regeneration; while preparing it for a better absorption of products.

Going to a specialized center could be really expensive, but if you invest in an exfoliating brush, you save time and money in visits to beauty centers.

Top 5: best facial cleansing brush 2018 To Remove Impurities

The good thing is that these facial cleaning machines can be found a click away in the online market and there are so many options that it will be easy to find the most appropriate for your budget.

ImageFeatured CharacteristicDetails
The best for sensitive skin for its soft bristles
With interchangeable head for each skin type
The best for facial care during adolescence
With firm bristles and oscillatory movements that adapt better to the face
It is the cheapest with excellent quality

Reviews and Opinions

1. Clarisonic Mia2

Two-speed device with bristles so soft that you can use them for everyday use. It is perfect for removing impurities, makeup or excess oil.

You will love how your skin will be clean, smooth and healthy looking. The device is delicate with your skin, respects the natural elastin and with only a minute of use will do its work effectively.

The purchase includes a refreshing gel and the cable to charge it via USB.

It is a product recommended by dermatologists, and because it is cheap, it is the best sold today.

2. Clarisonic Mia FIT

It is an electric facial brush with characteristics similar to the previous one, but now with a more compact handle, but just as functional.

It represents a more advanced version of the classic Clarisonic Mia, it has a slightly higher price, but it is definitely worth it.

It is perfect for sensitive skin and it is compatible to use it along with your prescription creams.

On the other hand you can adapt several bristle heads according to the treatment you want to do, be it deep pore cleansing, exfoliation on sensitive skin, or getting a radiant complexion. These pieces are sold separately and here they are.

You’ll be fascinated to quickly notice the changes in your skin, and its two-year warranty makes investing safe.

3. Clarisonic Mia1

The prestigious brand has its proposal for reduced budgets. Now a simpler brush, but just as effective. This was a successful launch of the brand from which they have evolved.

You will love the ergonomic fuchsia handle, and although it has only one speed it is energetic enough to do its job.

It could be the perfect brush for teenage girls. The device does not alter the composition of the skin, is not abrasive and is so soft that you can use it up to twice a day.

For the low price that it has along with the advantageous characteristics they make the model a great choice.

4. Alphabet Garden

It is a complete kit with which you will remove your makeup efficiently.

The novelty of the product is its advanced oscillatory movements of sonic impulses that are responsible for sweeping everything in its path.

The bristles on this occasion are a little more firm, and therefore, in addition to cleaning, it offers the skin a massage that stimulates the flow of blood, apart from preparing it to receive greater benefits of the products or oils that you apply .

It is an economic option, beautiful, of good quality and has received good opinions from those who already have it.

5. Olay ProX

As an exfoliating cleanser, its movement pattern is designed to purify the face and give it a renewed texture that will make it look luscious.

The best thing about the product is that it is water resistant, so you can use it in the shower without problems.

This also has two speeds and works with AA batteries.

You will not believe the price, it is the cheapest of our suggestions, but the outstanding features make it worthy of a position on this list.

How is the best cleansing facial brush used?

  1. To start you must prepare your exfoliating cream; either natural, or any cosmetic product designed for the same.
  2. You must moisten your brush, so the bristles will become softer.
  3. Apply a little of the paste on the brush of the appliance.
  4. Take it to the face and turn it on (if it’s electric).
  5. The movements must be circular and outward.
  6. The process should last no more than one minute in each area of the face, that is, the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.
  7. Then the product should be removed from the skin with plenty of water.
  8. Finally you must wash the bristles, this is important for the hygiene of the later use of the device.

And that’s it … You already have your face exfoliated with a process as simple as it is beneficial.

Tricks for a perfect facial exfoliation

For an exfoliation to be done effectively, the following tips should be taken into account:

  • Before exfoliating, the face should be washed as usual.
  • The procedure is recommended during the night, better before going to bed, since the skin is exposed and it is not good to apply makeup immediately.
  • You should pay attention to the folds of the face, either on the sides of the nose or near the mouth.
  • Then, it is best to apply a moisturizer so that your skin recovers, which will be used more than at any time.
  • If you exfoliated in the morning because you needed it, it is important to apply sunscreen; so the day is cloudy or you think that you will not expose yourself to the sun.
  • Although the brush facilitates a lot, exfoliation can be done with specialized products characterized by its texture and rubbing on the face fulfills its function.
  • It is important not to press the brush so hard on the face, since two things can happen, stop if it is electric, or cause an abrasive level that is not recommended for the skin.
  • The best brushes have the bristles with the ideal disposition and firmness so that when placed on the face they do their work perfectly without getting to the point of mistreating the skin.

Considerations according to your skin type

For dry skin

If this is your case, you should know that there is a greater accumulation of dead skin on your face. This layer must be removed so that the skin is able to receive hydration products. For this skin condition it is recommended to do the treatment once a week.

For oily skin

It needs to remove the excess oil present in the pores. This will help to reduce acne or the black spots typical of this type of skin. The exfoliation twice a week will help you solve the problem.

For sensitive skin

Such faces become red or may not tolerate application of certain chemicals. If this is your case, you will cool the electric facial scrub brush, which you’ll use with products that you know you fall you well. But considering the delicacy of your complexion, you work deep cleaning the skin every 2 weeks.

For normal skin

If you have this type of dermis, well, what luck! So you will not have to fight with excess accumulation of dead skin, or with fat. Just focus on purifying your face by expelling any residue. Just enough to do the facial treatment with a weekly frequency to keep your face radiant.

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