The best hot air brush of 2018

Best hot air brush – Buying Guide, Reviews and Reviews in 2018

When it comes to smoothing your hair, if you do not have interest or time to dedicate to ironing the hair in a conventional way, you can opt for products such as best hot air brush 2017. These products simplify the process, saving you time and reducing damage to your hair, while protecting your hands during the smoothing process. As a most outstanding product by the users we find the John Frieda Hot Air Brush. A product with a temperature adjustable from 80 to 230 degrees, with a large work surface and allows you to smooth the hair without risk to your hands or your scalp. Another interesting model is the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush, which offers a traditional brush design with spikes specially designed for both smoothing the hair and to eliminate any possible tangles you have when combing .

What is the best hot brush on the market?

Changing the style of your hair when you have it curly is something that would normally resort to a hot hair brush straightener. However, the use of these products requires time and a certain skill to obtain good results. To facilitate this work, we find the smoothing brushes or best hot air brushes, which allow us to smooth the hair properly in a faster and easier way. To know more about these products we offer the advice of our guide to buy the best hair brush on the market, where you will know the keys to a successful product and that will help you to keep your style better.

Our Selections of Best hot air brush Compared!

ImageHot air brush NameWeightDetails
John Frieda Hot Air Brush1.1 pounds
Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush
1.7 pounds
Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler1.5 pounds
Calista Tools Perfecter
Fusion Hair Styler
Hot Air Brush Plus Bonuses
1.8 pounds
Revlon Hot Air Brush Kit for Styling & Frizz Control1.4 pounds
Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer1.8 pounds

What is the best hot brush of 2018?

Hot brushes are an alternative to irons, with which to keep your hair under control faster and easier. These products have a high versatility and are simpler to use, although whenever you choose quality products, such as those we have extracted from our list of the best hot air brush of 2017.

Our Picks of Best hot air brush For 2018

1. John Frieda Hot Air Brush; 1 1/2 inch

Transform your hair with the NEW Hot Airbrush ( John Frieda Hot Air Brush: 1 1/2 inch ) from John Frieda’s experts. This premium hot air brush features advanced ionic energy and gives volume and shine to the hair while simultaneously drying each filament. Instant heat makes drying fast and safe while delivering heat. It is convenient and easy to use.



  • Advanced ionic technology provides up to 50% more ions
  • The hair dryer actually does a decent job of drying while it styles
  • Light and easy to maneuver.
  • The bristles are sturdy and add shine but also allows for more precision in defining layers and getting the curl right where you want it
  • No tangles!


  • The actual brush area was a little bit short.



2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush, 2 Inch

The BaBylissPRO rotary air brush will become the styling and finishing tool of your living room. Guaranteed. A precisely calibrated hot airflow works with our anti-static bristle mix to deliver explosive volume and a brilliant shine that you just have to feel to believe. The rotating barrel is bidirectional, moving firmly forwards or backwards. The tool is adapted to your needs. The controls are placed ergonomically. The feeling is solid and true. You’ll love working with Spin Air Brush.



  • Its exhausting & very time consuming.
  • Its great to use your regular hair dryer for a couple of min.
  • 3 heat settings and 1 cold setting.
  • It has multiple levels (high/low/cool) which is great.
  • It takes me about 15 min to do a great job on hair.


  • This is just a bit more complicated & not worth the headache
  • It’s little pricier than others, but the quality is very good.


3.  Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler pro 2-inch and 1 1/2-inch

Conair’s infiniti pro 2-inch and 1 1/2-inch rotating rotary air styler is a complete 5-piece style system that will refresh your style, customize the volume and create shine. This revolutionary hot air brush provides 24-hour curl control for a flawless, all-day style. Natural ionic tourmaline conditioner emits natural ions to help create smooth, silky hair without frizz. Tourmaline ceramics technology applies even heat to dry safely and promote healthy-looking hair. Bristles without tangles shine and straight hair. Use with or without spinning function on wet or dry hair. For more volume, use the 2-inch brush attachment. For smaller curls and waves, use the 1-1 / 2 brush attachment. It has a removable filter that allows for lint cleaning and longer engine life. In addition, it includes 2 protective covers of bonus.




  • It is easily the size of a full two inch round brush or iron.
  • The spinning can go in two different directions.
  • It works great and my hair looks great in less than 5 minutes.
  • Best for long or medium hair.


  • It’s not strong enough, but it’s great for styling.



4. Calista Tools Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler Hot Air Brush Plus Bonuses

Maria McCool designed the perfecter with ceramic and ionic technology to infuse hair with body and shine, along with top-quality sturdy bristles to perfectly smooth, lift, and direct your hair from burning your hands or scalp. The texturizing spray allows you to use the spray without worrying about harm to your hair. It uses minerals and vitamins, as well as the innovative ingredient, proelement.



  • Ceramic and ionic technology to infuse hair with body and shine
  • Top-quality sturdy bristles to perfectly smooth, lift
  • Use the Perfecter on dry hair only



5. Revlon Hot Air Brush Kit for Styling & Frizz Control

The styles of the Revlon Ionic Hair Hot Air and Hair Drying Kit with Ionic Smoothing Chain Technology. Saturating hair with negative ions from ionic heat reduces the amount of water in your hair. This means that your hair maintains its natural moisture and the drying time is reduced by half. Since ionic technology helps keep hair conditioning and shiny your curls are bouncier and your straight styles are more elegant. The Revlon Ionic Hair Kit includes two hair brush attachments in two different sizes. You can use the “hair brush attachment to create smaller curls. Or you can use the 1.5” 1 brush attachment to create larger curls in thicker hair. The Revlon Ionic Hot Air Hair Tool features high and low heat programming so you can customize your hair drying routine based on the needs of your hair. Once your hair is styled and smoothed the use of the jet of cool air to set style and keep the yarns free of frizz.


  • It saves a lot of time compared to blow, drying hair with a round brush.
  • Cuts the time by half or more.
  • It has Attachment Release Button for an easy switch
  • 3 Heat/Speed Settings with Cool Shot for maximum styling control.


  • It is also VERY loud.
  • It is a good hair dryer, but the bristles aren’t that good for curling.



6. Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

This revolutionary design tool is designed to provide superb glossy volume and brightness in one step. The unique oval brush design quickly creates frizz-free volume in the root and curls nicely with body ends with a single pass, which can have hairdressing results at home. Powered by ionic technology, hair dries faster and with a healthier shine, hair and less damage.



  • Multiple settings for heat
  • Lightweight
  • Ceramic coated barrel
  • Oval design with boar technology


  • It work fine for longer hair but does not work for short hair.



Buying Guide

Temperature and control

The key to a good hot brush lies precisely in the management of heat. This heat is transmitted through the spikes of the brush and is responsible for smoothing your hair. Therefore, the control system and the operating temperature of the product is the first key aspect in any comparison of best hot air brush reviews that we evaluate. In the different products that we find in the market we can find working temperatures ranging from 50 to 230 degrees.

The higher the temperature range that we can work, the better to adapt it to the real needs of our hair. This helps us the product control system, which allows us to choose the temperature easily and in the most advanced models, to be able to see it directly on your screen.

Barbed and base system

Another important aspect when choosing a best hot air brush is the barbed and hinged system it employs. In this case not all tines are the same, since some allow us to access additional functions beyond the smoothing itself. This is why we can find best hot air brush 2017 with tines that not only smooth but also untangle the hair, including a nice massage function for this purpose. Other models have a special holder that prevents the hair from touching especially hot areas and can bathe during the process.

Regarding the base of the hot brush, on the market we usually find two main designs. An oval design, similar to traditional brushes, and a second rectangular shape design, reminiscent of a comb. In both cases, both the measurements of the chosen product and the design will be key to having an adequate comfort and above all of being able to brush our hair with a greater speed. In this aspect also it is convenient to see the measurements of the model, since the bigger the brush the easier it will be to smooth your hair of easily form adapting the parameters that you need, so much for the part of the design of the barbs as for the size of brush, In order to adapt it to your specific smoothing needs.

Convenience of use

Although in this case we can think that an economic product does not give good results, the truth is that the comfort of a straightening brush does not have to do so much with how much the product costs but with its design. Among the elements that help the comfort of use we have already mentioned some as the barbed system that helps to untangle the hair or the broad base that makes it easier to comb. However, there are more elements that help us to achieve greater convenience of use. Among them we find the cables, which must offer long measures to be able to work without having to be constantly changing positions. Something to which also helps us the system of 360-degree rotation in the cable, which prevents it from becoming tangled and causes us problems when combing.

In order for the hairstyle to be safe, it is also necessary that the brush has a secure format when using it, preventing the hands from reaching the hot areas. In some models this is solved with the additional help of some gloves, although the truth is that if we can find a model that does not burn directly will always be much more comfortable to use.

Characteristics of the hot air brushes

The best hot air brush for the hair is a dryer that integrates brushes and accessories to mold the hair while it dries. The advantage is that it saves time and can be used to curl, curl or straighten the hair, shape the tips or give volume. To achieve the desired effects you only need to roll up tufts in the brush and apply hot air.

Most of these brushes have selection for both power and temperature, and some other special functions. The cold temperature level is recommended for very fine hair and also to fix the shape and obtain a longer lasting result.

Some of these brushes may have a steam emitter which is very useful when modeling dry hair.

More modern best hot air brushes include various accessories to achieve different effects. Usually these accessories come with a ceramic coating for a better heat distribution. In this way the effects are obtained more quickly with the consequent saving of time besides a less thermal aggression for the hair.

The most common accessories are:

  • Small Brush: This styling brush is perfect for creating small curls or for some precision detailing and finishing in certain styles.
  • Flat brush: used to straighten hair.
  • Giant round brush: perfect for creating smooth hairstyles and large, soft waves.
  • Accessories to create volume.
  • Accessories for concentrating the air flow.

Brushes that feature a round brush usually offer unwinding function, which allows the brush to rotate and unwind hair. This function is not automatic, so it is necessary to press the indicated button to start it. These models are often found with rotating cable.

They can also have ionic function, to preserve the internal moisture of the hair and eliminate static electricity.

The type of styling varies according to the design and measurement of the accessory used, but always results in smoother and shiny hair.

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