The best hair protection against heat

You can use the hair straightener or curling iron to create the most spectacular looks without damaging your hair. Simply use the right capillary products and know the most basic rules for working with these heat sources.

Any hairstyle that we use using a heat source is much more resistant. A hair iron can transform the most rebellious curls into smooth and smooth tufts, and tweezers can add volume to the most caked hair. But beware, the temperature of these utensils can reach 220 degrees and cause serious damage to wet hair that has not been previously protected. In the long run, the tips may appear open and the hair will break more easily.

You can avoid this situation by applying a heat shield before working your hairstyle with any heat source. In addition to protecting your hair, it facilitates styling and avoids localized heat. It is also very important to know how to choose the utensils we use. There are, for example, hair irons with a ceramic coating to moderate and evenly distribute the heat.

9 tricks to make proper use of heat sources

  • Before using the hair straightener or tongs, the hair must be completely dry. Heat on wet hair can deteriorate the hair cuticle and its structure.
  • Before you do any hairstyle apply some finishing product, it will protect your hair from heat-induced wear.
  • There is a wide variety of products that protect the hair from heat. Choose the one that best suits your needs: shine, smoothing … If you use these products, besides protecting your hair, you will facilitate the hairstyle.
  • Apply the heat shield on wet hair to facilitate distribution throughout the hair and maximum protection.
  • Keep a distance between your hair and the spray of about 20-30 centimeters, this guarantees a uniform coverage that will protect the hair without caking. Also read the instructions on the product label to know the ideal distance in each case.
  • Once you have applied the heat shield, gently comb your hair with a wide bristle comb to better distribute the product.
  • Apply a mask for dry or punctured hair every week to prevent heat from damaging your hair.
  • The heat we undergo to hair weakens the hair cuticle making it more vulnerable. Hair that is very exposed to heat sources is more sensitive to UV rays. To avoid damaging it, avoid using metal combs and forks.
  • Avoid using metal-clad utensils because they attack the hair. The best option is to opt for appliances equipped with a ceramic coating.
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