Your hair asks for hydration

Like your skin, your hair can dry out. Dry hair is dull, rough and lacking shine. Providing them with adequate hydration is therefore essential. We want to share with you some methods to moisturize your hair.

Lack of hydration is the most common cause of lack of shine. Another symptom of poor capillary hydration is static electricity. It is good to know that just as the skin needs 10% water to be hydrated, hair needs 15 to 17% water.

Factors that resect hair

Dry heat dehydrates hair. If your hair is naturally dry, daily use of a hair dryer, thermal curlers or hair irons will quickly turn it into an arid desert. Therefore, make moderate use of these heat sources and lower the temperature of your dryer. When you go to a sauna in winter, wrap a towel in your hair to protect it from dry heat (which can reach 100 degrees). The protection against dehydration works best if you have previously applied some treatment on the hair (mask or conditioner). On the beach comes the same way, protect your hair with a cap of the sun dehydration and its consequences, frizz. Maintaining hydration of your hair is especially important if your hair is colored since it is more sensitive to dehydration.

Hydration Fountains for Hair

Water is a source of hydration. Drinking water is necessary to ensure the metabolism of the body as well as to maintain the structure of the cells. However, the shower water can dry your hair so it is important to use moisturizing shampoos. Among the ingredients that contain shampoos and are most effective for moisturizing are aloe vera, glycerol, panthenol or keratin. Thanks to their structure, these ingredients retain moisture inside the hair creating a protective film. This will allow you to retain all the softness of your hair and seal the hair cuticle. By sealing the cuticle, moisture is retained much better.

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