Natural ways to lengthen lashes

Fashion currently indicates that long eyelashes are the most “in”. But how to make them grow or look longer without spending all the mask we have at hand? Here are some tips on the natural ways to grow your eyelashes.

Brush your eyelashes

In the market you can get a small brush or combs to comb the eyelashes out before putting on a mask. Over time and consistently, this will cause them to grow more. Keep in mind that the changes you will not see overnight, but with the passage of time will be more noticeable.

Vaseline or olive oil

Vaseline or olive oil can be placed on your eyelids before going to sleep. The vitamins and minerals that have these components make the lashes grow and appear thicker and more abundant. In case you do not have olive oil, you can replace it with another type of oil such as castor oil.

To strengthen the effect on your eyelashes, you can add lemon zest to the oil a few days before you start using it to release the protein, vitamins and minerals. This treatment should be done continuously for 10 or 12 weeks so that the expected result.

Eyelash Growth Accelerator

In specialized stores you will find some brands of eyelash masks that help to accelerate growth. Over time and being consistent in the application, you will see that your lashes will grow and will look much longer.

Beauty Salon

The eyelashes can fall or break if they are fragile or thin. One way to strengthen their growth and make them stronger is by stimulating the hair follicles, practicing gentle massage on the eyelids and in this way help in their growth.

Vitamin E

Before deciding to use only the mask to lengthen your eyelashes, try massaging your eyelids with vitamin E (sold in beauty and chemical establishments). Vitamin E has the ability to strengthen and lengthen the lashes so that they grow much faster and stronger.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil strengthens not only the hair but also contributes to the growth of the eyelashes. To apply it use a brush or a cotton ball that will serve to pass the coconut oil throughout the length of your lashes to strengthen and lengthen them over time.

There are different ways to grow your eyelashes naturally. Have you tried any of them? Do you know any other ways to lengthen the tabs?

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