Strong and resistant hair: 7 tricks to get the best results

We all want shiny, resilient hair, full of volume and health, but how do we get it? We give you our 7 best tricks to get a hair that is better than ever.

Trick 1: The Capillary Beauty Diet

Proper nutrition is the basis of healthy hair. Protein and vitamin B5 play a crucial role in ensuring a healthy scalp and hair. Eggs, walnuts and cheese incorporate the necessary proteins. Vitamin B5 is found in rice, green beans or cereals. Vitamins and mineral salts strengthen the root of the hair. Beware, coffee stimulates the secretion of fat in the roots, which favors the desquamation and the appearance of dandruff. Nicotine and alcohol also have no place in our hair beauty diet. However, fruits, fish, green leafy vegetables, soy milk and cereal-based foods will make us feel wonderful. These foods contain large amounts of iron, biotin, zinc and folic acid.

Trick 2: Gives flexibility to your hair

Conditioners help keep the cuticle capillary soft and supple. Apply it over the most damaged areas and dry tips of your hair.

Trick 3: Good protection for your hair

Avoid subjecting your hair to a test of fire. When you are drying your hair, keep your dryer in motion constantly and avoid using the diffusers that concentrate the entire flow of hot air. Choose an average temperature to minimize damage to the hair. Dryers and hair irons reach temperatures of 200 ° C. In damaged hair, proteins begin to degrade around 140 ° C. Do not forget to use a heat protection spray before using these devices. The spray regenerates the proteins of the hair structure, repairs the surface and protects the hair from damage caused by heat.

Trick 4: A good haircut can work miracles

Does your thin, matted hair make you look sad? The origin of the problem is often found in the haircut. So, a good idea is to make an appointment with a good hairdresser. He will know how to analyze the structure of your hair and give you good advice to show a haircut in trend but also suitable for your type of hair and face. Then you should keep your hairstyle every 6 weeks. Do not let your hair climb with a blade, many times open ends are a consequence of this cutting technique.

Trick 5: A good brush is essential

The best brushes have natural or mixed bristles, and they slide easily over the hair. You have to have the hair completely dry or very damp to brush easily, because when it is wet is more sensitive. Good brushing also helps to eliminate residues of hair finishing products while evenly distributing hair capillary fat from the root to the ends of the hair.

Trick 6: Get rid of greasy hair

Women with greasy hair should avoid touching their hair so as not to spread the hair fat from the roots to the tips with the fingers.

Trick 7: The magic tricks

It will appear that you have more hair if you darken it a tone, you can also card it lightly.

Our trick for the finest hair: use a shampoo to give volume to reconstitute the structure of the hair fiber. And if your hair is very oily, use soft baby shampoos.

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